Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Reduce Shipment Cost

We're here to share something about shipping cost.

We got delivery and pick up at store service for our customer.Which is the most saver for our customer? Money or time?

If delivery to Peninsular Malaysia, we charge RM5.50 for below 500g. 500g to 2kg will be cost RM10.50 additional RM2.10 for each additional kg. 2kg can carry up 500pcs 4R photo.
so each 4R only cost RM0.021 for delivery.

We assume the distance between the nearest photo printing shop with your house/office/shop at 10km, there wil be total 20km (10km for go to submit the photo soft copy and another 10 km to collect the photos). Another assume that no traffic jam on the way to the photo printing shop, estimated petrol cost could be at RM0.15/km without calculating car maintenance such as car tyre, lubricant oil, brake and so on. Take 30-45min to collect the photo. May be another RM1.00++ or may be more for car park.

Money could be earn, but time cannot be earn again.Time Is free, but it`s pricless.

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